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Welcome to the WT Online Academy!

Here you can learn Wing Tsjun Kung Fu (Wing Tsun / Wing Chun) from the comfort of your own home!

And for the first time in history you are able to earn offical ranks from anywhere in the world using live online examinations!

Absolutely no previous knowledge is necessary in order to begin your journey in becoming a Wing Tsjun black belt, technician, or even school owner.

All you need is a computer/tablet/smartphone, some determination, and a training partner and we will bring the most effective of all martial arts into your home.

Sign up and enjoy our ever-evolving database of WT videos, covering a variety of topcis.

Learn the official WT student grade syllabus and test for official ranks via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

I look forward to meeting you in person one day.

– Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig

Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!


Wing Tsjun Kung Fu has been proven to be one of the most effective self-defense systems of all times.

Armed special forces of various countries (such as BOPE in Brazil, GSG9 and KSK in Germany or NOCS in Italy) have implemented the system into their training to ensure the survival of their professionals.

Now modern technology allows us to bring this incredible art into your home.

The Wing Tsjun curriculum consists of twelve student grades each of which has been carefully designed to ensure the best possible progress for the student.

In the videos Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig himself explains the programs in detail and illuminates all topics, essential for a student test.

Having taught WT to thousands of people from all over the world (including elite armed forces such as the Brazilian BOPE), Sifu Thommy discovered that in order to effectively have a student develop in the system, a one-on-one training situation serves this goal much quicker and more efficiently than a group class format in which one instructor has to serve the needs of multiple students.

Therefore you will be taken into a private class environment where you will learn everything you need to pass each student grade straight from the source.

As a student of the WT Online Academy you will be guided through the curriculum in the exact order that you would experience if you were a private student at WTI Headquarters in Germany. And the best thing is that you get to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Begin here by watching the first two videos for free.


Watch some free sample videos

Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!

How To Test Online

Upon completing each segment of a student level, you will have the chance to schedule a live online evaluation with one of our Sifus at Wing Tsjun International Headquarters.

The evaluation will be conducted via Zoom and you and your partner will be tested in all parts of the respective student grade.

If your performance meets the WTI standard, you will be promoted to the next level and a certificate will be sent to you.

In order to schedule your live online examination, please send us an e-mail to headoffice(at)wingtsjun.com.

A few things to consider when testing:

Examination Behaviour & Fee: If you schedule a live evaluation, one of our sifus will clear his calendar for you. Please be respectful of the Sifu's time and show up on time.
The examination fee of €120 and has to be paid in advance. 

Bring a Partner:
If you choose to be evaluated via a live Zoom call, you you will have to conduct the test with a training partner of your choice. 

Stay Relaxed: The most important consideration during any evaluation is the quality of the technique. The most common mistake you are likely to make during a live evaluation is to rush nervously through the drills and jeopardize the quality of your execution. Although it is important that your techniques are conducted reflexively, you must remain calm and only go as quickly as "outstanding technique" will allow.

Prepare Diligently: As a subscriber of the WT Online Academy you can wacht and therefore train all programs as many times as you’d like before you scheduel your live examination. During your evaluation, you will only have one chance to execute each drill. If your performance does not meet the Wing Tsjun International standards, you will fail the test and must retest at a later date. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you prepare diligently to minimize the chance of errors during the live evaluation.

Scheduling a live online evaluation: In order to schedule your live online examination, please send us an e-mail to headoffice(at)wingtsjun.com or call (49) 2173 2972015.


Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!


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