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Here you can learn Wing Tsjun Kung Fu (Wing Tsun / Wing Chun) from the comfort of your own home!

And for the first time in history you are able to learn Wing Tsjun from anywhere in the world!

Absolutely no previous knowledge is necessary in order to begin your journey in becoming a Wing Tsjun black belt, technician, or even school owner.

All you need is a computer/tablet/smartphone, some determination, and a training partner and we will bring the most effective of all martial arts into your home.

Sign up and enjoy our ever-evolving database of WT videos, covering a variety of topcis.

Learn the official WT student grade syllabus and prep yourself for the next student examination at your local WT school.

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– Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig

Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!


Wing Tsjun Kung Fu has been proven to be one of the most effective self-defense systems of all times.

Armed special forces of various countries (such as BOPE in Brazil, GSG9 and KSK in Germany or NOCS in Italy) have implemented the system into their training to ensure the survival of their professionals.

Now modern technology allows us to bring this incredible art into your home.

The Wing Tsjun curriculum consists of twelve student grades each of which has been carefully designed to ensure the best possible progress for the student.

In the videos Dai Sifu Thommy Luke Boehlig himself explains the programs in detail and illuminates all topics, essential for a student test.

Having taught WT to thousands of people from all over the world (including elite armed forces such as the Brazilian BOPE), Sifu Thommy discovered that in order to effectively have a student develop in the system, a one-on-one training situation serves this goal much quicker and more efficiently than a group class format in which one instructor has to serve the needs of multiple students.

Therefore you will be taken into a private class environment where you will learn everything you need to pass each student grade straight from the source.

As a student of the WT Online Academy you will be guided through the curriculum in the exact order that you would experience if you were a private student at WTI Headquarters in Germany. And the best thing is that you get to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Begin here by watching the first two videos for free.

Watch some free sample videos

Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!
Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!


Customize your Wing Tsjun journey by choosing between individual student grades or the entire twelve-grade package. Once purchased, these grades are yours to keep, with no ongoing payments.
Make your selection below and enjoy the simplicity of owning your academic records.

Buy all Student Grades for €899

Or Get Individual Student Grades

The 1st Student Grade

The first student grade includes a universal solution against various attacks to the head, and offers amazingly simple and efficient tools to effectively defend against pretty much all popular strikes commonly used in street fights, all by using only one concept.

Learn how to get out of chokes, defend against straight kicks and punches, and what to do if the partner blocks your arms out of the way in order to land a punch.

- The Wedge:
- Introduction The Wedge
- Wedge Applications

 Chain Punches:
- Introduction & Applications Chain Punches

 Siu Nim Tau:  
- Siu Nim Tau Sets 1-3

- Huen Ma / Turning Stance
- Three Ways Of Stepping Forward
- Wing Tsjun Front Kick

 Low Punch Defense: 
- Introduction Gaun Dar / Low Punch Defense
- Applications Gaun Dar

 Advancing Against Blocks and Punches: 
- Introduction Indoor & Outdoor Pak Sao
- Applications Indoor & Outdoor Pak Sao

 Kick Defense: 
- Kick Defense Bong Gerk
- Kick Defense Tan Gerk

 Ground Fighting: 
- Introduction General Ground Fighting Position
- Applications General Ground Fighting Position

Lat Sao Sparring:
- Introduction Lat Sao (Overcoming distance, Pak Dar on Both Sides, Timing)
- Kicks in Lat Sao
- Low Punches in Lat Sao
- Push Defense in Lat Sao
- Combination of Lat Sao Techniques

 Emergency Techniques: 
- Introduction Emergency Techniques
- Front Choke
- Side Choke
- Rear Choke
- Single Arm Grab
- Double Arm Grab (Below & Above)
- Explanation & Demonstration of Emergencey Techniques

 Wing Tsjun Prevention: 
- Advancing Against a Left-Handed and Right-Handed Opponent

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The 2nd Student Grade

While the main topic of the 1st Student Grade was to learn about straight attacks and how to counter them, the second Student Grade focuses on attacks from a 45 degree angle. Sifu Thommy will explain how you can work against low strikes, how to upgrade your Lat Sao (sparring) drills and how to effectively work with Tan Sao and Bong Sao against various attacks to throat and body.

Also you will get an introduction into diagonal Dan Chi (sticky hands exercise) which later will lead to the most important tool of the system – the double-handed Chi Sao through which you will learn how to control your partner and overcome his attacks, even blind-folded. 

 Siu Nim Tau: 
- Siu Nim Tau Sets 4-8

 Kick Defense:
- Against Straight High Kicks using Bong Gerk Combined with Wedge
- Stop Kick Against Various Kicks

Go Pak Dar:
- Lift & Punch Attack
- Defense with Backward Step, Gaun, Gum & Backhand
- Advancing Against Attacks from a 45 Degree Angle, using 

Tan Sao & Bong Sao: 
- Introduction as a Dan Chi Drill without Footwork
- Breaking down the Techniques
- Adding Steps
- Bringing in Both Hands
- Applications

Anti Ground Fighting: 
- Partner Interferes while we try to Get Up

Emergency Techniques:
- Headlock
- Arm Bar
- Full Nelson
- Hair Grab
- Leg Grab
- Waist Grab
- Grab Above Arms
- Grab of the Body from the Rear (Above Arms)
- Lifting of the Body
- Rear Necked Choke
- Explanation & Demonstration of Emergency Techniques

Lat Sao:
- Indoor Punch Against Strikes from a 45 degree Angle
- Lift & Punch
- Bong Sao & Mixing 1st and 2nd Student Program

Buy now for €120

The 3rd Student Grade

While most martial arts need visual contact, Wing Tsjun is based on kinesthetic interaction with the partner. This is what makes the system so unbelievably efficient. The third student grade introduces you to parallel Dan Chi and has the main focus on techniques that lock the opponent’s arms and those you need to escape his lock attempts.

You learn advanced strategies of how to effortlessly neutralize any kind of kicks and more direct weapons against low punches, using Sheung Kuen (double punches).

 Here you also get an introduction into the second form of the system, the Chum Kiu form, which will enable you to carry out your techniques more dynamically and will open a whole new chapter of your Wing Tsjun.

- Chum Kiu 
- Chum Kiu Sets 1-3

Defenses against trapping of the arms:
- Locking the Arms
- Phase 1: Counter
- Phase 2: Defense with Bong Sao, Wu Sao
- Phase 3: Adding Turns
- Defense against Lock plus Roundhouse Punches
- Defense against Lock plus Low Punches

- Double Punches (Sheung Kuen) against Strikes to Abdomen
- Stop Kick against All Kicks 

BDS Prevention:
- Advance against Unguarded Opponent
- Opponent Offers Resistance, Blocks, Counters, Kicks and Retreats

Lat Sao:                                            
- Trapping Opponent´s Arms and Counter
- Lock plus Roundhouse Punch Defense
- Lock plus Low Punch Defense
- Indoor Punch against Strike to Abdomen

Dan Chi:
- General Understanding
- Drill 1
- Drill 2
- Drill 3
- Drills 4 & 5
- Drills 6 & 7
- Drills 8 &9
- All Variations Flowing and Relaxed (both sides)

Buy now for €100

The 4th Student Grade

The fourth Student Program specializes on circular attacks. You will learn how to counter roundhouse punches and kicks, backhand techniques, and hooks.

Sifu Thommy points out the importance of carrying out defensive and offensive techniques simultaneously and demonstrates ways to neutralize sidekicks.

You will learn how to overcome an aggressor that charges at you, and then retreats to keep you at a distance. This program will help you to sharpen your sparring skills in an environment that gets more and more free.

Chain Punch Lat Sao is another big part of this program. Find out, how easy it is to apply slightly modified chain punches in various scenarios.

Chum Kiu:
- Chum Kiu Sets 4+5

 Roundhouse Punch Defense: 
- Introduction & Applications Roundhouse Punch Defense

Hook Defense: 
- Introduction & Applications Hook Defense

 Direct Defense Against Lift & Punch:
- Defense With Gaun Dar
- Extension with Indoor Pak Dar
- Extension with Fook Dar

 Side Kick Defense:
- Defense using Gwut Dar
- Alternative Counter using Kicks

 Nuk Sao: 
- Nuk Sao Arm Techniques
- Nuk Sao Footwork
- Combination of Arm and Leg Techniques
- Partner Exercise Statically (Learning how to Move Arms and Legs Simultaneously)
- Partner Exercise Dynamically
- Partner Exercise extended by Kicks
- Side Change
- Combination of All Elements

 Lat Sao Sparring: 
- Hook & Back Hand Defense Kicks in Lat Sao
- Direct Defense against Lift & Punch
- Chain Punch Lat Sao

Wing Tsjun Prevention:
- Opponent Retreats and Counters While we attack
- Variations
- Free Sparring Examples

Buy now for €125

The 5th Student Grade

Student Grade #5 includes the close-combat program WTI teaches. Knee and elbow strikes, throws and ground fighting are an essential part of the program and will be demonstrated with much attention to detail by the grandmaster.

Learn the elbow form, Jarn Tao and get insight into how to successfully counter Thai boxing attacks and throw attempts.

In addition to this you will receive a detailed introduction into the double handed Chi Sao exercise Poon Sao, along with the most common attacks and defenses, which will lay the ground work to everything Chi Sao based you will encounter in your future Wing Tsjun life.

Chum Kiu 3/3:
- Fluently and Relaxed

Jarn To / Elbow Form:
- Fluently and Relaxed

 Elbow Strike Defenses:
- Defense Against Diagonal Elbows
- Defense Against Horizontal Elbows
- Defense Against Elbows from Underneath
- Defense Against Jut Sao + Elbow

 Knee Strike Defenses:
- Defense Against Knee Strikes from Various Directions

 Chi Sao:
- Poon Sao Flowing and Relaxed
- Defense against Interior Palm Strike
- Defense against Exterior Punch 
- Defense against Backfist
- Mixing the Techniques Named Above
- Entry into First Section

 Lat Sao:                                          
- Defense against Huen Dar
- Huen Sao Game 
- Defense against Elbow Strikes, Counter
- Defense against Knee Strikes, Counter

Buy now for €125

The 6th Student Grade

With the growth of Mixed Martial Arts and the popularity of grappling styles all around the world, the likeliness of encountering somebody with ground fighting experience grew exponentially in recent years. Thus GM Boehlig implemented defenses against various parallel grappling attempts, which are the main focus of this program.

On top of this you will get deeper into Chi Sao and learn the entry into section #1.

- Chi Sao:
- Repetition Basic Attacks  
- Poon Sao Flowing and Relaxed
- Three Entries into Lap Sao / Kam Na Sao
- Defense against Lap Sao and Palm Strike with High Jum Sao
- Defense with Jum and Biu Bong Sao
- Defense with Counter Jam
- Defense against Lap Sao and Neck Pulling Techniques with Kau Sao
- Defense with Low Gaun Dar & Kwun Sao
- All of the above on Both Sides

 Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Defense against Parallel Wrestling Attacks
- Transfer of Chi Sao Reflexes to a Real Fight

  Lat Sao:                                      
- Defense against Jamming of the Elbow Joint and Strike
- Defense against Parallel Wrestling Attacks

Buy now for €80

The 7th Student Grade

Student Program #7 continues in finding ways against grappling attempts, this time against diagonal attacks.

The first Chi Sao section continues and you will learn how to develop quick responses to various Chi Sao attacks. 

Chi Sao:
- Poon Sao Flowing and Relaxed
- Basic Attacks
- Continuation of the 1st Chi Sao Section

 Defense against Pak Dar Inside and Outside (Block and Attack) (15€)
- Lap Dar Drill #1: Double Bong Sao & Counter (25€)
- Lap Dar Drill #2: Double Lap Dar
- Lap Dar Drill #3: Maan Sao 
- Lap Dar Drill #4: Outside Lap Sao 
- Lap Dar Drill #5: Inside Pak Dar 
- Lap Dar Drill #6: Continuation with Exercise Punch and Pak Dar
- Mixing All Chi Sao Techniques

Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Defense against diagonal Wrestling Attacks from All Angles
- Transfer of Chi Sao reflexes to a real Fight
- Learning to Attack and Defend using Pak Dar and Bong Sao Wu Sao / Counter

 Lat Sao:                                          
- Defense against diagonal Wrestling Attacks from All Angles
- Defense against an Indoor Block with a Flexible Bong Sao

Buy now for €90

The 8th Student Grade

Student Program #8 is where the rubber meets the road. Upon completion of this program you will not only have learned the complete first Chi Sao section, but you also have learned how to mix it in a free Chi Sao scenario and how to apply it in a free fight environment.

This is one of the most complex and challenging student grades. Due to its complexity, you can only take the test for the 8th Student Grade by setting up an appointment with one of the certified WTI national directors or accredited examiners to get the kinesthetic feedback you will need.  

- Siu Nim Tau & Chum Kiu:                                
- Flowing and Relaxed
- Naming of All Techniques

 Chi Sao:
- Poon Sao Flowing and Relaxed & Basic Attacks
- Complete 1st Chi-Sao Section on Both Sides
- Defense against Gwut Dar with Bong Sao + Wu Sao
- Two Additional Reactions to an Attack on Bong Sao and Tan Sao
- CRITICAL (!): Mixing all Chi Sao Techniques Fluently and at a High Pace

 Lat Sao:                                         
- Fluent and Rapid Mixture of All Previous Lat Sao Programs

 Anti Ground Fighting:
- Three Defences against a Headlock on the Ground
- Defense against an Arm Bar on the Ground
-  Defense against Arm Grab on the Ground
- Fighting off an Opponent who Sits On You
- Fighting off an Opponent who Kneels in Front of You

 Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Free Fighting in All Five Phases (Kicking/ Punching/ Elbow-, Knee-, Head Strikes/ Throws

Buy now for €150

The 9th Student Grade

Now we deal with weapons. You will learn how to react if someone swings at you with a club or approaches you with a knife. You will learn life-saving tips about distances when dealing with an armed opponent, and advanced counters against round low kicks.

In addition to this, GM Boehlig introduces you to six defenses against a Pak Sao + Punch attack in Chi Sao.

Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Unarmed Defense against Sticks 
- Unarmed Defense against Blades 
- Advanced Defense against Round Kicks 

 Chi Sao:
- 6 Defenses against Pak Dar, using
- Bong Sao
- Tan Sao
- Lap Sao
- Pak/ Tan
- Interior Punch

Buy now for €90

The 10th Student Grade

This program deals with a worst-case scenario. You will learn how to deal with multiple attackers. Find out how to survive this worst-case scenario and learn the strategies and techniques necessary to overcome up to three attackers that charge at you at the same time.

Another program point is the 50 steps footwork form that GM Boehlig will explain.

Foot Work Form:
- Fluently and Relaxed

 Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Fight against Two To Four Attackers who Clutch, Grab or Kick
- Twelve Attacks (3x Pak Sao, 3x Tan Sao, 3x Fook Sao, 3x Lap Sao) 

Chi Sao:
- Mixing all Chi Sao Techniques Fluently and at a High Pace BLINDFOLDED 

Buy now for €115

The 11th Student Grade

How do you restrain a drunk or handicapped person who becomes dangerous to yourself or others without injuring them? How do you control an aggressor on the floor and secure him so he is no longer a threat?

Find out the techniques on which our program BDS Tactical is based. No matter if you are a security executive, a police officer or a person without any law enforcement background. This program will help you to safely overcome an opponent within the boundaries of the law.

Fighting Techniques / Prevention:
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against an Unguarded Aggressor 
- Arrenst &  Control Techniques: Against an Aggressor with Double Cover
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Jap
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Cross
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Roundhouse Punch
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Diagonal Low Punch
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Parallel Low Punch
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Reverse Punch
- Arrenst & Control Techniques: Against a Bear Hug

- De-escalate, before going into the Physical Phase (Helmets Suggested)
- Free Exercise against a Partner who pretends to be drunk

Chi Sao:
-  Defense Against a Palm Strike
- Defense Against a Neck Pulling Technique from the Inside
- Defense Against a Neck Pulling Technique from the Outside
- Defense Against a Block and Punch
- Defense Against a Lock and Punch
- Mixing all Chi Sao Techniques Fluently and at a high Pace

Buy now for €80

The 12th Student Grade

The twelfth and last Student Grade introduces you to the second layer of the first section of Chi Sao. While the eighth Student Grade gave you a basic understanding of the first section, you will now learn advanced techniques and sequences that demand a deeper understanding of the system.

In addition to this, you will learn how to use a knife against a knife and thus how to neutralize the threat of an armed opponent, using a blade yourself.

Fighting Techniques / Prevention: 
- Defense Against a Stick, using a Stick
- Defense with a Knife against another Blade
- Defense against a Hand Gun at a Short Distance
- Defense against Multiple Attackers With and Without Weapons, 
- Stress Training on the Ground against Several Attackers 
- Weapon Retention

 Chi Sao:
- Mixing all Chi Sao Techniques Fluently and at a high Pace Equally Well on Both Sides
- Second Layer of Section #1

Buy now for €160
Buy all Student Grades for €899


Schau dir dieses erstaunliche Video an!


Which way of learning is recommended?
Most people purchasing the WT Online Academy already train at a physical location and use the video training as a supporting tool.
If you should be new to the WT system we strongly recommend to chronologically go through the material and to train the techniques slowly and with care until you can carry them out with skill, confidence and speed.
What kind of equipment do I need?
Wing Tsjun is a martial arts and like all martial arts a risk of injury always remains. Therefore it is recommended to wear protective padding such as hand, leg and body protectors before engaging into Wing Tsjun training. 
We recommend focus mitts and other equipment from wtishop.com. 
Can I become a WT instructor with this course?
Yes and no. You will be able to learn the technical material necessary to become a WT instructor but there is more to it. 
Once you've reached the 8th student grade you are eligible to participate in an instructor qualification course conducted in person at the Wing Tsjun International hq.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in our products and services, that we back them with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If within the first 60 days of ownership you are not satisfied with the capabilities of our product, you can request a refund by writing to info@martialartsworld.online.
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